教案精选:初三英语《Wise men in history》教学设计

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      教案精选:初三英语《Wise men in history》教学设计


1.He asked a crown maker___   _(make) him a golden crown.
2.1t's a nice crown, ___   _ (be not) it?
3.1 know how___   _ (solve) the king's problem.
4.This time,even___   _ (much) water ran into the bowl.
5.To tell the____(true),I don't like the drinks in that café.
6.In ancient Greece,women were not       (allow) to watch the Olympics.
7.I___    _ (see) you at the Olympics tomorrow.
8.Don't be afraid of making____     (mistake).
9. She was soon___    _ (catch).
10.Someone has done an____    (excite) thing.
1.Although he is disabled, he___   _ to make a living by himself easily.
A. begins    B wants    C. likes    D. seems
2.Lin Fang comes home___   _than before this term. She doesn't have so many classes in the afternoon.
A. early     B earlier    C.late     D. later
3.Your dog's barking has___   _in the way of___   _these problems on time.
  A.get; solve     B.got; solved
  C. got; solves    D got; solving
4.---I think sixteen year-olds should be allowed to drive
 ---___   _They aren’t serious enough at that age.
  A I agree      B.I disagree     C.I think so    D.That's right
5. My husband always___   _ me flowers every week before we got married, but now he never
  A.sends; does        B.sent; does    C.was going to send, do   D.sent; do
6.--- Is the wine made ___   _grapes?
  ---Yes,it's made___   _France.
  A. of;in  B.from;in  C. from;by  D.of;as
7. Of the two shirts,I'd like to choose the___   _one to save some money for a cap.
  A.cheapest      B.cheaper    C.more expensive    D.most expensive
8. She didn't want to take the exam. This was the___   _reason for her being late for school.
 A.true      B.correct   C.good     D.real
9.If you _      smoke, please go outside.
 A.can      B.may      C. must     D. might
10.---The song Where did the time go? tell us that our parents grow old without being noticed.
  ---We should stay with them as _     as possible.
  A often     B.soon     C.little
11.You should try to _       the problems by yourself. You're not a child any longer.
   A. get on       B. get into     C.get over      D.get off
A young man went to visit a wise man living deep in the mountain for the wisdom of life.
“Excuse me! Could you please tell me what the most   1  day in our lives is?Is it the day when we were born or the day we   2  ?Is it the day when we fall in love or the day we succeed?”The young man asked.
“  3  .The most important day in our lives is today.”The wise man replied calmly.
“Why?”The young man felt more than   4  .“Is it because there is a moving event taking place today?”
“No.Nothing has happened today.”
“Is it because of my visit?”
“Even if nobody visited me today, today is   5   very important because today is the only wealth we have.No matter how memorable yesterday is, it has gone by like a ship going down into the sea; no matter how bright tomorrow may be, it is yet to come; but no matter how common today is, it is  6  our control (控制).”
The young man still wanted to ask something, while the wise man   7   him and said, “When we are talking about the meaning of today, we have   8   a lot of it.”
The young man nodded and then went down the mountain.
Actually, today is the only   9   we have. So, what we should do now is to   10  yesterday and tomorrow and catch fast today!
1.A.important         B.necessary         C.comfortable         D.funny
2.A.miss       B.die                  C.grow                D.start
3.A.Nothing    B.None                C.No one                 D.Neither
4.A.awful                B.pleased      C.surprised               D.excited
5.A.yet                        B.already          C.ever                      D.still
6.A.for                        B.under            C.on                        D.with
7.A.stopped                B.refused         C.encouraged          D.ordered
8.A.treasured              B.handed                C.wasted                 D.avoided
9.A.excuse                  B.way                      C.chance                 D.plan
10.A.forget                 B.remember             C.call                       D.treat
Usually, students are not encouraged to run or jump around in the corridor (走廊). However,students in a British grammar school really enjoy running on the corridor tiles (瓷砖) and their teachers even encourage them to do that.
Why? It is because the corridor was built with special kinetic (动能的) tiles. When students jump on the tiles, electricity will be generated ( 产生). After one year, the electricity generated from the tiles can fully charge 853 mobile phones or power(供电) an electric car to drive seven miles. It’s amazing, isn’t it?
The corridor tiles are really a brilliant invention. Students ca n not only play on the corridor,but also help power the lights in their school corridors and other devices ( 设备) in their  classrooms. Besides, this is a good way to teach students to be creative. They will be inspired to be scientists, inventors and engineers in the future to find clean energy for all humans.
The inventor of the magic corridor tiles is Laurence Kemball-Cook. He was once a student in this school. Now, he is CEO of his own company. The corridor tiles are not Laurence’s only invention. He has also invented a special dance floor, which can be used at music festivals. It allows dancers to charge their mobile phones while they are dancing on the dance floor.
1. Why do the students in the passage enjoy running on the corridor tiles?
A. Because the corridor tiles are expensive.
B. Because the teachers ask them to do that.
C. Because the corridor was built with special tiles.
2. After one year, the electricity generated from the tiles can provide enough energy for _______.
A. over 800 mobile phones
B. all the lights of the school
C. an electric car to drive 70 miles
3. The underlined word “inspired” most probably means “ _________”.
A. encouraged B. forced C. trained
4. What else has Laurence invented besides the corridor tiles from the passage?
A. A mobile phone. B. A music player. C. A special dance floor.
5. According to the passage, which of the following statements is TRUE?
A. Students are not allowed to walk in the corridor.
B. Laurence once studied in the British grammar school.
C. Laurence has more than one company of his own.
Born in Ghana,West Africa,in 1989,Freddy Adu has become one of the most promising young soccer players in the world.Soccer fans have been crazy about him since 2003,when he became the youngest player to join a professional sports team in the United States.The next year,he became the youngest athlete ever to play in an all-star game,a match in which the best players from many professional teams compete.
As a child,Adu did what many children in Ghana love to do—play soccer.His mother recognized her son's talent and encouraged it by providing soccer balls,which were expensive for them.Since he had soccer balls,other children always came looking for him and played together.
Education was very important to Adu's mother,and she wasn't sure that her son could receive a good education in Ghana.So she tried hard and moved to Maryland,U.S. in 1997,when he was eight years old.His new school friends soon noticed his talent for soccer,and the parents of one friend encouraged him to join a soccer club.This was his first time playing organized soccer,and he helped his team from the Potomac Soccer Association win a tournament in Italy in 2000.One professional Italian team was so impressed by Adu that they offered him $750,000 to play for them.Adu's mother refused the offer and thought that her eleven-year-old son needed to finish school first.
Adu did finish high school at the age of 14.Nowadays,he is playing professional soccer and living with his mother in a house he bought for her.His salary with the D.C. United team is $500,000 a year,and Adu is also paid to advertise products such as sports shoes and drinks.Adu is happy that his mother no longer has to work at two jobs,and his fans are happy that they can watch him play their favourite sport for many years to come.
1.Freddy Adu was ____ years old when he became the youngest ever all-star team player.
A.eight   B.ten    C.thirteen    D.fifteen
2.Adu's mother helped him develop his talent by ____.
A.making him play soccer every day
B.finding him a soccer coach
C.offering him soccer balls
D.making him join the school team
3.Which is the correct order of the following events?____
a.Adu became the youngest professional soccer player in the USA.
b.Adu's family moved to the United States.
c.Adu's mother noticed his special ability to play soccer.
d.Adu is paid to advertise sports shoes and drinks.
A.b—c—d—a.  B.a—c—b—d.
C.d—c—a—b.  D.c—b—a—d.
4.What can we learn from the passage?____
A.As a child,Adu taught other children to play soccer in his hometown.
B.Adu moved to the USA because there were no soccer teams in Ghana.
C.Adu helped his team win a tournament and got $750,000 in Italy in 2000.
D.Adu gets more than $500,000 a year and lives happily with his mother now.
1.fill…with   2.send…to prison   3.ask sb to do sth   4.be happy of
5.be made of    6.find out the truth   7.run over   8.be amazed of 
9.put ….into   10.the ancient Olympics   11.as…as one can
12.each other   13.take part in    14.both ….and…
1.to make   2.isn’t   3.to solve   4.more  5.truth
6.allowed   7.will see  8.mistakes  9.caught  10.exciting
1-5  DBDBB   6-11 BBDCAC
1-5 ABBCD    6-10 BACCA


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